What makes Hawthorn School stand out as the best choice in education for your daughter?

  • We believe that guiding each child throughout their formative years to uncover, appreciate, and share their unique, benevolent talents is our most valuable collective endeavour.
  • Our faculty + staff are called to provide the nurturing soil for our students to grow and flourish in strength of character, virtue, truth, and service. 
  • We see and reward in each girl the many gifts she brings in areas that reflect her whole self, whether, for example, in academic excellence, teamwork, communicative prowess, social attitude, or gestures that show her care and understanding of our common humanity. 
  • Through the means of a classical liberal arts education, we invite the student to see herself as part of the great span of history, linked to the greatest wisdom of the ages, and able to imitate models of magnanimity as only she can, at her age and stage, in her own life.

Hawthorn provides the ground for receiving, contributing to, and passing on treasures of wisdom that hold our students in good stead, inspire them by the best of what we can be, and prepare them for becoming open, vital people, however differently they may live this out, in their school years and beyond.

Come and see for yourself. We warmly invite you to join us in our passion project of tending a nurturing, uplifting environment where girls can thrive as they learn and bloom in intelligence, character, truth, and charity. Our world needs them.

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