Career Day: Exploring Possibilities in the Working World

Career Day: Exploring Possibilities in the Working World

Hawthorn’s annual Upper School Career Day took place on April 23rd, offering once again a rich variety of professional perspectives for the students to consider.

Honoured guests included: Victoria Carroll, Media Buyer; Mary Rebello, Engineer (and Hawthorn School alumna!); Angela Stirpe, President and COO of Caldwell Securities Ltd.; Maria Nolan-Sikk, Nutritionist; Dr. Olivia Chu Yau, Psychotherapist; Karoline Podolak, Opera Singer; Michele Regal MacKenzie, Actor.

The breadth of education, training, career and life experience presented, along with the personal engagement and encouragement of the speakers, provided students with the kind of heartening mentorship that makes Hawthorn School unique.

To punctuate the event midday, we gathered in the atrium where Ms. Karen Nivet outlined the power of excellent table etiquette as a means of personal communication, whether at a business luncheon or in casual dining. Her timely reminders were followed by a celebratory buffet lunch which allowed our community to share their Career Day insights and inspirations over a delicious meal generously sponsored by Moeeza and friends at Boustan York Mills.

Our thanks goes out to all who contributed to the success of this inspiring, thought-provoking day! Special mention goes to Emilia ’28 and Naomi ’28, our emcees for the day, who engaged the audience with their charm and humour.