Outreach Excursion by Hawthorn’s Leaders of Tomorrow

Outreach Excursion by Hawthorn’s Leaders of Tomorrow

Congratulations and appreciation are warmly extended to Emma, Grade 11, who initiated the Leaders of Tomorrow Club at Hawthorn.

On April 17, Emma ’25, Adesuwa ’27, and Dani ’27 ventured out to visit the Yonge Street Mission. For a number of weeks, club members wrote notes of friendship and hope and assembled care packages for men and women in need in Toronto.

Packages consisted of toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by Brush Naked, nuts, chewing gum, sausages, gift cards to Tim Horton’s, disinfecting wipes, and a handwritten note.

The club delivered in person a total of 40 packages for the patrons of the Yonge Street Mission, received a tour of the facilities from Eleanor Edwards, Community Engagement & Fundraising Specialist, and learned about all the good work that the YSM does.

Learning about the stories and experiences of some of Toronto’s neediest citizens has made a lasting impact on our students, and they are grateful for this opportunity to reach out and help out.