Healthy Living Races: Rock ‘n Run – for Fun!

Healthy Living Races: Rock ‘n Run – for Fun!

During the week of May 13 to 16, Lower School students jumped into an in-school race during their gym classes. The purpose of this race was to promote healthy and active living in our students in a fun way. Some enthusiastic parents came out to cheer their children as they ran the race. Upper School students helped make the beautiful sunny day a success by volunteering in many tasks including acting as DJ with motivating tunes, giving out lemonade and prizes, and running with the LS students to ensure their safety. Medals for first, second, and third place of each grade level were awarded at the school assembly on May 21st

Congratulations to all participants for stretching their athletic abilities, making their health a priority, and embracing the spirit of friendly competition! 

JK girls 400 m: 1st Orsolya 1’59”; 2nd Clara 2’03”; 3rd Arese 2’04”

SK girls 400 m: 1st Alexandra 1’54”; 2nd Eliza 2’05”; 3rd Waverly 2’30”

SK Boys 400m: 1st Gabriel 1’47” (LS Record for this distance); 2nd Rodrigo 1’54”; 3rd Felix 2’10”

Grade 1 : 500 m: 1st Chloe 2’15”; 2nd Athena 2’22”; 3rd Carina 2’31”

Grade 2 : 500 m: 1st Aria 1’58” (LS Record for this distance); 2nd Magdalena 2’08”; 3rd Audree 2’10”

Grade 3 : 1000 m: 1st Emma 5’23”; 2nd Catherine 5’30”; 3rd Isla 5’40”

Grade 4/5 : 1000 m: 1st Avriella 4’29 “ (LS Record for this distance); 2nd Fatima 4’33”; 3rd Maria 4’35”

Grade 6/7 : 1500 m: 1st Marianna 6’26” (LS Record for this distance); 2nd Paola 6’40”; 3rd Aila 6’52”