Celebrating a Beautiful Year of Athletics

Celebrating a Beautiful Year of Athletics

On May 16th, staff, students, coaches, and parents gathered to celebrate at our annual Athletics Banquet. We spent a wonderful evening of shared dinner, games, awards, and reminiscences about a beautiful year of athletics here at Hawthorn.

Girls took turns standing at the podium throughout the event to tell everyone about their sporting highlight of the year, including one student who identified her athletic apotheosis as placing last in the Rock ‘n Run behind Miss Yu. 😉

Coaches Paula Dulcepec and Marianne Cayetano spoke for the Senior Volleyball team, Olesy Riajskikh and Celeste Alfaro spoke for the Junior Volleyball Team, and Antonela Figuero spoke for the Cross Country and Track and Field teams before handing out awards to the students listed below.

Special kudos to our valiant Gr. 5-8 Volleyball Team who brought home the silver medal and received a CISAA banner which will be proudly displayed in our gym! To all Hawthorn athletes, congratulations on advancing along your path of becoming strong, confident sportswomen. Keep up the good fight!

Cross Country

Lower School: MIP: Fatima; MVP: Aila

Upper School: MIP: Martha ’27; MVP: Madeline ’26


Lower School: MIP: Elia and Maria; MVP: Ainsley

Upper School: MIP: Daniella ’27 and Adesuwa ’27; MVP: Ximena ’25

Track and Field

Lower School: MIP: Marianna; MVP: SophiaPaolaMaru and Clare

Upper School: MIP: Christine ’25; MVP: Adesuwa ’27