Hawthorn Highlighted on EWTN News

Hawthorn Highlighted on EWTN News

On April 2 Colm Flynn, a Content Creator who covers the news from the Vatican and Pope Francis for EWTN, a Global Catholic Television Network, filmed a mini-documentary about Hawthorn. We were quite eager to expose our students to this wonderful learning experience and the rare opportunity to participate in a film production that enjoys worldwide reach. Mr. Flynn and his crew filmed our All-School Mass, a class in progress, as well as individual students and staff.

As the students were preparing for this visit, they reflected on what makes being a Hawthorn student special. Here are some of their thoughts – we hope they inspire you, along with the outstanding video about Hawthorn that is now viewable on Youtube. We couldn’t be more proud!

“One of the things I like the best at Hawthorn is the small classes. I know many prefer to be in a big school, but I personally think that the experience is twice as good in a small school because your teachers can help you individually. They can also get to know you better.

An important lesson is that you learn a lot from serving others. When you focus on others instead of yourself, you feel happy because you are no longer focused on yourself. That is what the staff of Hawthorn does for us and I have come to learn that that must be why they are always happy. It is a lead by example case and the faculty and staff at Hawthorn have been exemplary.” 

One of many things I have noticed during my time here at Hawthorn is that my relationship with God has grown stronger. Having the opportunity to visit Him in the Chapel throughout my day, and simply knowing that I go to school where my faith is supported, has made me grow.”  

“Hawthorn has helped me both intellectually and as a person. Intellectually, a teacher found out that I had a learning disability and then focused on me more and started helping me even more to learn new concepts. As a person, my friends at school have really helped me grow. They have told me when I’m wrong and how I can improve, and when I do right, they congratulate me. With them I have grown in virtue.