Rosary Reflections with the Petersons

Rosary Reflections with the Petersons

In the fall of this school year, Hawthorn parents and our US students were invited to attend a talk at Kintore College given by Tammy Peterson about how prayer has played an important part in her life and faith journey, and particularly about her experience praying the Rosary. During the talk some of our students joined Tammy in sharing with the audience their own testimonies about the Rosary. Here are some of their reflections.

…The rosary has really helped me and my family bond together in praying every day for various intentions. Also the summer camps that I go to always encourage the rosary so that we can pray for everyone’s intentions. I also made it a habit to ask people who they want me to pray for so that I can help them by thinking of them when I talk to God. 

…Now, I really understand why it is so important to pray the rosary…. Each time we pray the rosary, the stronger our armour becomes… Everytime I pray the rosary, I ask our lady to intercede for me and for the whole world.…We must ask Our Lady for graces through the rosary, especially during these recent times that are more spiritually challenging for many people.

…In my family, we try to pray the rosary every day. On the way to school in the car, or praying during the evening. For me, praying the rosary makes me feel like I myself am talking to our Mother Mary. When I am going through a hard time, praying the rosary makes me feel loved and comforted by her. 

…Mother Mary introduced the rosary to us just as my mother introduced it to me. The rosary strengthens my relationship with my heavenly mother knowing that she is always watching over me…. Whenever I felt lonely and felt alone I was reminded that I’m never alone, it’s never just me against the world because God is always there to support me. God strengthens you, he gives you hope when there is none and he will always be there in your greatest and darkest moments.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, psychologist and author, joined us for the talk and later, in an interview about his recent book on marriage, he commented on what he had heard from Isabella, one of our Grade 8 students:

To see (her) today, well, you have to examine your life and you have to see what you need and want, and then you have to figure out what you did to put yourself there. And then you have to try to be there as much as you can and that’s a great goal for marriage.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this thoughtful, inspiring event about the power of prayer.