A Chocolate Paradise

A Chocolate Paradise

I am a lover of all kinds of chocolate: Decadent dark chocolate, creamy smooth milk chocolate, and delicious sweet white chocolate. It must be said that the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory does not disappoint when it comes to the quality and variety of their chocolate. The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is basically chocolate paradise. Everywhere you look there’s a new flavour and shape of chocolate; from fudge, to chocolate bombs, to ice cream, there are all kinds of chocolate in this shop. 

There are two items which are sold at the Rocky Mountain chocolate which particularly stood out to me. The first is their fudge. The fudge comes in a variety of different flavours such as rocky road (pictured below), German chocolate, vanilla with nuts, penuche (which is made with brown sugar, milk, butter, and only vanilla for flavouring) and much more. It is the richest and most flavourful fudge I’ve ever had; the feeling you get when it begins to melt in your mouth is heavenly.

The second item which stood out for me in this shop is their chocolate covered coffee beans. Although they are quite pricey, they are a perfect treat for any coffee lover.Possibly the only downside of this delicious chocolate factory is the prices. Five dollars for a single chocolate and twelve for the smallest box that they have! As a student, buying a good amount of chocolate at the shop’s prices seems over the top. The simple fact is that this chocolate may be good, but in my opinion it was not worth the prices being charged.

Still, if you are looking to treat yourself to a delicious bite of chocolate and you are not worried about splurging a little bit, then the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory may be the perfect place for you.

By Radhika Banerjea

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