Farzana Meghani

Graduating Class of 1999
Systems Design Engineer

Farzana has a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a Masters Certificate in Project Management from Schulich School of Business. She has worked in the fields of process engineering, user-centered design and project management at major Canadian financial institutions including the Bank of Montreal (BMO) and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). She is a busy mother of four.

"My 7 years at Hawthorn gave me the foundation to succeed in a highly competitive engineering program and a challenging work environment. I learned the importance of hard work and developed resilience.  Further, I discovered a deep joy in learning and came to realize that a meaningful life requires using our talents and gifts to serve others.  Because of this, I am motivated to continuously grow as an individual and aim to foster this same passion in my children."

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