Jacqueline Nivet Cavalcante

Graduating Class of 1998
Social Development Advisor

Jacqueline has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Kings College in Halifax and a Master’s in Social Development from the University of Sussex in England. She currently lives in Malawi with her husband and three daughters. This is her fourth posting working as Protection Advisor with the UN; her previous postings were in Uganda, Nepal, and Sudan.

"My 10 years at Hawthorn prepared me well for the academic challenges of pursuing an advanced university degree, in particular the ability to analytically question what I was learning and to find meaningful ways to apply this knowledge. The ability to think critically about a problem, to understand underlying causes, and to find creative solutions has been essential in my profession where I help prevent and mitigate protection risks - such as exploitation, abuse, and violence - faced by particularly vulnerable people such as women and children in humanitarian crises."

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