Catholic-inspired Education

Catholic-inspired Education

The teachings of the Catholic Church are at the heart of a Hawthorn education.

Hawthorn School provides an education directed to achieving the harmonious development of the whole person: mind, will, heart and body.  Through the school’s classical liberal arts curriculum and the interdisciplinary character of our programs, students are led to search, know and love the truth about who they are, the meaning of life, the dignity and respect of every human being as children of God.

Altogether, parents, mentors and teachers, guide and challenge the students to exercise human and Christian virtues, integrating their faith into all areas of their life, so that they might live according to their beliefs and dignity, becoming confident women of integrity and faith.

Students are encouraged to use their reason and ask questions, explore the reasons for their faith and learn to distinguish between essential matters of faith and questions of culture and history.  The study of moral theology enables them to discern the morality of human acts and facilitates their search for goodness, truth, love and respect for other human beings.


We at Hawthorn respect and offer a friendly culture that respects students of all religions and backgrounds.  Catholics, non-Catholics and non-Christians are welcome, coming together as one respectful and cohesive community. Everyone -parents, teachers and students – is welcome and free to participate in the spiritual activities.

Since 1989, the parents who founded Hawthorn School, inspired by the spirit of St. Josemaría, founder of Opus Dei, entrusted the school’s chaplaincy and spiritual activities to the Prelature of Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church: