Edison’s Stratford Ontario

Edison’s Stratford Ontario

This quaint residence turned-coffee shop in the heart of Stratford, charms city folks with its warm lights, rich coffee, and small town feel. Immediately upon entering, the earthy scent of coffee beans filled the air as I took my seat. There was jazz playing over the speakers and the soft noise of indistinct chatter around me. 

After browsing their menu filled with a variety of breakfast bowls, toasts, salads, and paninis, I walked up to the counter and placed an order of lemon-tahini hummus toast for $12 and a latte for $3.75. I chatted with a few local cafe goers while I was waiting  for the food, and found that Edison’s is town-famous for their atmosphere, service, and sweet treats. A few locals exclaimed they “wouldn’t dream of meeting up with friends anywhere else”.

The food was prepared quickly and with obvious care. The warm slices of sourdough toast had been garnished with greens, tomatoes, and creamy hummus that had a delightful tang to it. The coffee was rich, smooth, beautifully decorated, and the perfect cup of liquid fuel to keep me going.The service was impeccable and every employee was incredibly patient, kind, good natured.

I would definitely recommend Edison’s to anyone looking for a bite to eat, a meetup spot, or a place to read and/or study. The environment was stunning and not overcrowded, while the food was impeccable. Suffice to say I will definitely be back the next time i’m in town.


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