Mother-Daughter Evening | Thursday, October 5 at 5:30PM

Dear Hawthorn Moms,
Every year, we organize an evening for the grade 5s to 12s about a topic that is relevant to their age group while mom’s participate in a roundtable discussion about parenting.
The evening is meant to strengthen the mother-daughter bond.

This year, the talks for the students will be as follows:

Grade 5: Puberty
Grade 6/7: Self-confidence I
Grade 8: Self-confidence II
Grade 9/10: Dating I
Grade 11/12: Dating II

In the roundtable conversation, some of the topics moms will discuss include:
-saying “no” to your daughter
-helping your daughter grow in emotional intelligence
-testing boundaries and limits
-open, honest dialogue

Evening Schedule
5:30 pm :Talk
6:30 pm: Dinner
7:30 pm: Wrap-up

Kindly RSVP here or by clicking “REGISTER” (on the side) by Tuesday, October 3.

You may e-transfer $20 to, or pay by cash at the front desk, or by cheque made payable to Hawthorn School for Girls.

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