Frequently Asked Questions

Hawthorn School FAQs

When was Hawthorn established?

Hawthorn was established in 1989.

What is Hawthorn’s University Acceptance rate?

Hawthorn boasts a University Acceptance rate of 100%.

What is the best way to describe a Hawthorn Education?

An education at Hawthorn is traditional, academic, and faith-based.

What is Hawthorn’s main curriculum style?

Hawthorn primarily provides a Classical Liberal Arts education using a university preparatory curriculum.

How much is Hawthorn’s tuition?

Tuition fees range from $13,500 – $22,400 with need-based tuition assistance available.

What genders are Hawthorn Students?

Hawthorn’s Daycare and Junior School are co-ed. The Lower and Upper Schools are All-Girls.

What is the teacher-student ratio?

Hawthorn has a 1:8 teacher-student ratio.

How big is the Hawthorn Campus?

35,000 sq. ft. Includes a gym, chapel, tech lab, art studio, lunchroom, science lab, libary, and playground.

Does Hawthorn offer AP or reach ahead credits?

AP exams are offered at Hawthorn. Reach ahead credits are available starting in grade 8.

Where is Hawthorn located?

101 Scarsdale Rd., Toronto, ON M3B 2R2

Does Hawthorn use technology in the classroom?

Hawthorn uses ActivBoards and offers a tablet program for students.

For any inquiries or to book a tour, please email:

AMY MCRAE | Admissions Director