Hawthorn Traditions

Starting Afresh, Starting Together: September Field Trips

Every new school year holds the promise and possibility of growing in learning, joy, and purpose. At Hawthorn, we invite all students to start their yearly journey in a positive, friend-filled way by offering two fun, inclusive, spirited field trips, tailored specifically for our Lower School and Upper School cohorts respectively. Lower School students and faculty take part in a one-day camp trip to Timber Creek Golf and Family Fun Centre in Stouffville, while Upper School students and faculty travel up to Olympia Sports Camp for two nights in Huntsville, in the heart of Muskoka. Our time together specially set aside at the outset of each new September provides students with an opportunity to refresh their hopes and dreams for these fleeting and formative years and to help create the bonds of friendship and community that will support and nourish them along their way. Bon voyage to all!

Annual Fall Pilgrimage

Annual Fall Family Picnic and Pilgrimage

In the spirit of the Catholic faith that animates Hawthorn School, all of our families were cordially invited to our first October event, the annual Family Picnic and Pilgrimage. We gathered on Saturday, October 1st at the beautiful Marylake Shrine of Our Lady of Grace in King City. Starting with enjoying our food and drink spread out on picnic blankets in this jewel of nature, we then joined as one big family as we began our journey of prayer along the Rosary Path, 1.5 kilometers in length and extending over twenty acres of rolling hills and old farm fields. What a beautiful way to start the month of the Rosary!

“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.”
– St. John Paul II

Simona and Dad

Father Fest

Fathers and daughters from every class at Hawthorn are invited to join in celebrating our annual All-School Father Fest during a morning in January. A long-standing tradition, and one of the best attended events of the year, Hawthorn dads are treated to a sit-down breakfast with their child(ren) as well as faculty and staff. While sharing a delicious meal, fathers have the opportunity to bond with their child(ren) and connect with other dads in our community. For dads who are unable to take part in the breakfast, students are welcome to invite another member of the same household to join (e.g. mom!). Inspiration and beauty are added to the morning by our musician students and choirs.
This is a beautfitul opportunity to honor the important roll of the father and to show gratitude for their love and support of their daughters as they learn and grow.

Mother-Daughter Evening

On Thursday, October 5th, we hosted our annual Mother-Daughter Evening, gathering for reflection and conversation, strengthening our mother-daughter bonds, and sharing a delicious dinner together. We organized the evening for the Grades 6s to 12s about topics that are relevant to their age groups, while moms participated in roundtable discussions about parenting. The opportunity to share experiences and advice to support and strengthen child-parent relationships and reassure and encourage both students and moms provided a relaxed, open, honest forum for us to learn and grow.

Grandparents Day

Hawthorn's Annual Grandparents' Day Celebration

On October 11, 2023, each student was encouraged to welcome their grandparents to our school atrium to enjoy tea and cookies as well as live performances. From across all grades, students proudly hosted and celebrated our grandparent community, greeting, ushering, serving, and entertaining them through refreshments, poetry and song, origami and photography, and classroom visits. We were reminded of Pope Francis’ words at his creation of World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly in 2021:

“You are needed in order to help build, in fraternity and social friendship, the world of tomorrow: the world in which we, together with our children and grandchildren will live. A better future must be built on the pillars of dreams, memory and prayer, pillars that even the frailest among us can help erect with God’s help.”

And so, with an abundance of GRATITUDE for our grandparents who watch over us from near and far, we thank you!

Christmas Luncheon

Christmas Luncheon

It has been a tradition here at Hawthorn to have our students, parents and staff get together for a Christmas luncheon before the Christmas break. This year, we invited our entire school community to join us on December 21st after the 11h45 Mass in the school’s gym. We arranged “Big People Tables” set out just for families, while the Little siblings from the Lower School enjoyed the company of their Big Sisters at their own tables. A delicious festive meal was prepared for us by The Kitchenstead and sent us out into the long-awaited Christmas holidays in joy and camaraderie.

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

On Friday, December 16, 2022 Hawthorn’s Atrium will be transformed into a Christmas Market.

This all-school activity showcases our students’ creativity and entrepreneurial spirit while raising funds for those in need. This is always a day full of excitement and everyone has been joyfully preparing for the day with decorating, shopping, and wrapping gifts.

The Junior and Lower Schools will be selling merchandise that they created in class with a specific virtue as a theme, while the Upper School Houses have prepared various activities for Big Sister Little Sibling fun. As the students will have their designated time for shopping, we suggest giving your children $20 or more to allow them to participate in the festivities. The market opens at 1:00 pm and closes at 3:00 pm. Parents and guests are welcome to visit our Hawthorn Christmas Market around 2:30 pm.

Games Night

Family Game Night and Get-Together

In the Hawthorn tradition of coming together as a community and having fun, our students and their families were invited to our annual Family Game Night and Get-Together on Saturday, February 4th. Our evening started at 4:30 pm with a celebration of Sunday Vigil Mass, and festively continued with pizza, games, and prizes, with House shirts or colours winning extra house points in the spirit of friendly competition. The laughter, cheer, and camaraderie of this convivial soirée will echo long after!

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