Hawthorn’s Home Game

Hawthorn’s Home Game

On Wednesday, September 25, the Hawthorn senior  basketball team had its very first home game of the season against Trafalgar Castle School. Our players were motivated  and enthusiastic. It also helped that they had plenty of time to warm-up for the game! The music was booming as the athletes completed drills and honed their technique.

Our mascot, the Bee, made use of the warm up time to start a dance party with the players. Everyone had a blast while waiting for Trafalgar to arrive. So when they did, Hawthorn was ready to play some basketball!

With a quick jump ball, tipped by our very own Hannah, the players were off and running! Hawthorn was off to an amazing start, our defense was especially strong allowing opportunity for scoring point after point, free throw after free throw, and winning turnover after turnover. A few of the more commendable shots were made by Maria, Hannah, Bridget, and Vanessa.

It was obvious the Hawthorn players had built up a strong bond. They overcame every obstacle thrown at them, every foul, every missed shot.

After the game, the Veritas got the opportunity to briefly interview a couple of the players.

Beatrice: How are you guys feeling?

Shafia: I feel powerful!
Vanessa: I feel invigorated! I feel like we did a really good job. We’ve all improved a lot in our movement, defence, communication.

Shafia: Yeah, especially from the last game.
Vanessa: I’m proud of everyone!

Shafia: Me too!

Beatrice: So what now?
Vanessa: Now we keep working

All in all, it was a successful game. The team worked together, putting everyone’s strengths to good use and winning with an outstanding score of 57-7!  The team played exceedingly well and, judging by the looks on their faces, they had so much fun doing it. We look forward to the next game and a successful season ahead.

By Beatrice Molina and Radhika Banerjea

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