In Pursuit of the Truth

In Pursuit of the Truth

The Odyssey of Life at Hawthorn School with TMT (Featured Contributor)

What began as a mundane weekly meeting has blossomed into a much-anticipated symposium, where our collective thirst for greater knowledge of truth, goodness, and beauty is quenched by our separate classroom experiences. By the end of last year we had become a trio of enthusiastic educators turning seed ideas into new educational endeavours.

Eureka! On the Institute for Excellence in Writing Blog (, at the end of the last school year we stumbled upon the inspiration to begin capturing the beginning of our odyssey in written form. If you could have been a fly on the wall, you would have witnessed palpable excitement, smiles and laughter, as we plumbed the depths of the great conversation. What does one naturally want to do when they encounter something good? One wants to share this good, and so we were motivated to share our increasing wealth of knowledge and experience by contributing to Hawthorn’s blog. Are you intrigued? Are you enticed to find out more? Are you ready to continue the journey with us?

(If you are one of our students reading, we invite you to let us know by sharing with us this secret word: “magnum opus”!)

For this introductory article: Labora et Lude – Latin for “work and play”. This idea was born of our productive meetings. This not only encapsulates what we do at Hawthorn, but it also describes our culminating activity in the Lower School. We invite all families to celebrate at the dinner table the true, good, and beautiful work that will be done this year.

Begin the great conversation, let’s see where this school year will take us, and what new discoveries are waiting to be made.

Pax et gaudium,


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