International Students

Each year, Hawthorn welcomes international students into our school, larger groups come from Fomento schools in Spain and Aspaen Gimnasio Iragua in Bogota, Colombia. The students live with a host family and attend Hawthorn for a full immersion experience that could be 3, 4 or 6 months, or a full academic year.

Fomento and Iragua Schools have an educational philosophy like Hawthorn’s, combining academic excellence, character development, and faith education. Likewise, we offer our students a Spanish Exchange, a fantastic opportunity for Hawthorn girls to discover all that Spain must offer whether it’s lying on the beach in Santander, enjoying Picasso’s paintings in Barcelona, or even catching the running of the bulls in Pamplona! Participating students live with a local family and attend a FOMENTO school.

Studying In Toronto

Immerse yourself and perfect your English in the charming city of Toronto.

Diverse City

Toronto is also a very multicultural city. When you walk in the streets, it is common to hear many different languages spoken. Your own host family may speak a second
or even third language at home.


Everyone always talks about the weather in Toronto. There are 4 marked seasons. The longest season is winter. It is incredibly beautiful, but it can also get cold. When you arrive in September, it will still be warm.

Toronto building with lights

Study Options

As an international applicant you have the study options of full academic year or immersion program.

The full academic year runs from September to June. While the Immersion Program could be one term or twelve weeks.

Start Strong

Perfecting Your English

Your teachers will help you improve and master the language. Don’t forget however that practice makes perfect! The more you interact with your classmates and teachers at school, the faster you will progress.

Making Friends

Hawthorn girls are very friendly and will make you feel at home quickly. Fellow students are always ready to lend a helping hand! They will help you to adapt to Canadian culture.


While you are here, you will be assigned a mentor who will meet with you regularly to help you cope with the cultural differences between your country and Canada, know what to expect, how to adapt, how to communicate with your host family if there is an issue and of course, how to enjoy your time here. No doubt you will also learn to become a better person through what you experience. Take advantage of these sessions, especially when you feel homesick.

What You Need


Full year international students are expected to purchase Hawthorn uniforms. Students in the shorter immersion program are welcome to use the uniform of their home school. Once enrolled, you will receive information as to where to purchase uniforms.


Full year international students are expected to purchase textbooks. Students in the shorter immersion program may rent textbooks if they are available. Rented textbooks are the property of Hawthorn School; if lost or damaged, the full cost of replacement will need to be paid.


Students are welcome to bring their own school supplies and electronic devices which they can use in accordance with the policies of the school and homestay. Students may also be asked by teachers to purchase additional supplies at the beginning of the year.

Your Host Family

The family that you will be staying with has been screened and can be trusted. You will be very well taken care of in their home. Family life in Canada may be different from what you are used to in your own country. You will greatly benefit from learning a different culture and practicing your English. Cleaning, cooking, and other jobs are all part of family life and you will be expected to participate in these family duties.

Your weekdays will be full with many extracurricular activities at school that you can participate in. Weekday evenings and nights are spent studying, relaxing and dinner together with the family. Canadian families go out and socialize on weekends mostly. You will have the chance to sightsee with them on weekends when they don’t have professional, family or other commitments.

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