BYOC Session 1 a success!

Thanks to Mary Cooney, Hawthorn Alumnae and Author of the book Evangelizing Our Children with Joy for a wonderful presentation and talk for BYOC Session 1.

Here’s what Mary Cooney shared:

The best parenting alone may yield some good results. But for those of us who want to raise holy and virtuous children, good parenting alone is not enough.
Even expert parenting is not enough. Our kids need the “magic fuel” poured all over them. They need to be drenched in grace. They need the sacraments again and again and again.

Foundation for educating our children in the faith and preparing them to receive the sacraments:

1. Parents, you are it. There is no true substitute. The heart of our vocation is to make it our constant care to bring up our children in the practice of the faith.

2. To do this, we need to create an environment of love in the home. Outside of the home, we need to create micro-cultures where our children will be surrounded by people who will help them get to heaven.

3. Teach by example. Your own devotion to the sacrament speaks volumes. And if you want to set a good example, it has to be heroic, joyful, and heroically joyful.

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