Honour Roll at Canadian Senior Mathematics Contests

Hawthorn School for Girls teacher places a medal around a high school student wearing her blue blazer

Mathematics contests are a fun way for students to grow their problem-solving skills, build confidence and get creative with math. It increases interest, enjoyment, confidence, and ability in mathematics. Designed by teams of experts, these contests are written by students around the world. 

Our students participated in CSMC (Canadian Senior Mathematics Contests) (grade 11 and 12) in which 12,305 students participated. Sabrina Yu qualified for both certificate and school medal champion by receiving distinction (78.33%). Her name was displayed in the students honour roll Group V (75-80%). In zone 70 (North York Toronto), Hawthorn School received an honour roll at position 21 for senior contest. 

Our students also participated in CIMC (Canadian Senior Mathematics Contests) (Grade 9 and 10) in which 14,918 students participated. Cecilia Romanelli qualified for school medal champion. In Zone 70, Hawthorn School received an honour roll at position 14 for intermediate contest.

Congratulations to Sabrina and Ceci!

Teacher at Hawthorn School for Girls stands beside the high school student who receives a certificate for honour roll in a math contest

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