Grade 8 Trip: Viewing the Solar Eclipse 

We see the total solar eclipse in the sky. The moon is grey and covers the sun, leaving a yellow ring around the moon. The clouds fill the grey sky.

From April 8 to 9th, Hawthorn’s Grade 8 cohort went on an amazing trip to the Niagara region for a once-in-a-lifetime event. Expanding horizons, strengthening friendships, and team building underlined all activities which were highlighted by being at the centre of the path of the solar eclipse to experience the awesomeness of totality where 100% of the sun is covered by the moon! Next total eclipse in Toronto: October 26, 2144!

We were thrilled to be able to follow the advice of Dr. Rick Feinberg of the American Astronomical Society: It’s all or nothing, so that’s why you should get into the path! Students had the unique opportunity to view the eclipse near Niagara Falls, but away from the large crowds, at beautiful Harvest Ridge Farm, surrounded by nature.

Viewing this rare astronomical event from the beach, cooking meals and washing up dishes together, trampolining, getting to know the farm’s chickens and collecting eggs for breakfast, touring the farm’s greenhouses, and telling scary stories by the fireside, students came closer as a community and made wonderful lifelong memories. 

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