Futsal is coming to Hawthorn | January 29 – February 9

We are excited to announce that Futsal is coming to Hawthorn during gym class!

We will be joined by guest coach Remon Mansor who has worked with multiple youth of various skill levels over the years and is excited to start instilling a passion for soccer here at our school. Coach Remon has played for multiple teams, both overseas as well in various touring tournaments and showcases both in Europe and well as the states. Remon played in Greece 2006-2010 with football club Α.Π.Ο Ορφέας. While here in Canada he played in both league 1 with Prostars FC as well as most recently the North York Soccer League of which he helped lead his team to a successful championship . Whenever possible he tries to encourage the growth of Futsal as it encourages fortitude, resilience, and respect for all.

Our hope is to soon have a futsal team here at Hawthorn; Coach Remon would love to help kickstart that into motion.

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