Generational Anxiety: Gr. 9’s Speak Up

4 grade 9 students from Hawthorn School for Girls stand at the front of the class by a screen that says "Generational Anxiety". 6 grade 8 students are sitting at the desks watching the presentation.

Acknowledging the significant negative effects that recent technologies and media are having on today’s youth, Hawthorn’s Grade 9 students took the floor to address their Grade 8 schoolmates and teachers with a sobering and motivating presentation on Generational Anxiety.

The class articulated their understanding, concerns, and recommendations surrounding this pervasive and impactful reality in their lives, encouraging all of us to take our mental, physical, and social health to heart when it comes to our screens.

Students pointed to how screen addictions fuel such fallouts as increasing levels of anxiety and depression, sleep deprivation, social disconnection, negligence of the real world, problematic digital footprints, and cyberbullying, especially amongst teenagers. They encouraged us to become informed, embrace outdoor play, prioritize socialization, appreciate nature, and involve parents and school boards in decision-making surrounding use of technology when it comes to our society’s children.

Kudos to our young Upper School students for raising awareness about this serious subject and for showing leadership in modelling why and how to reduce the harms of technology. 

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