Spring Field Trip: A Special Blessing!

Little girls dressed in blue tunics and a white blouse enter a teepee

On Wednesday, May 15, Grades 1 to 7 students embarked on a spring excursion to Midland ON for an educational journey and pilgrimage to the Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons Museum and the Canadian Martyrs’ Shrine. 

20 young girls standing outside in front of a white statue of the Virgin Mary

On the bus ride there we prayed the rosary. Five students volunteered to lead each of the five decades and we offered up each decade for a specific intention, including the health of our teachers. Girls took turns singing at the microphone individually as well as in groups.

Upon arrival at our destination, we delved into the collaborative efforts between the First Nations people and European settlers that shaped our nation’s history. The highlight of the trip was attending Mass at the Martyrs’ Shrine and being blessed with relics of the Canadian martyrs!

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