Lower School Makes Cards for Out of the Cold Program

60 cards of all different colours and shapes made by children from Hawthorn School for Girls

During the Easter season, Hawthorn School was happy to contribute to the success of the Out of the Cold program at St. Basil’s Catholic Parish at the University of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, a mission whose aim is to welcome and help our brothers and sisters in need in our community.

Our students used their spirit of creativity and care to make beautiful Easter cards that St. Basil’s handed out to their guests to wish them peace and joy. As the program’s Coordinator of Outreach and Hospitality wrote to us in response, ‘Your students’ generosity and compassion are truly inspiring, and we feel fortunate to live in a community where young people are actively engaged in making the world a better place.’

We hope that our heartfelt gesture brought a measure of comfort to each one of the Out of the Cold recipients. Happy Easter to all!

Catholic priest holding 3 handmade Easter cards made by students from Hawthorn School for Girls

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