English Class (Shake)spearheaded Birthday Celebration

5 grade 9 students from Hawthorn School for Girls with their English teacher are smiling with a rectangular vanilla cake that says "Happy Birthday Shakespeare".

The 23rd of April was William Shakespeare’s 460th birthday (1564). Happy birthday Will!

The grade 9 English class (Shake)spearheaded the event by purchasing a delicious cake and decorating it, under the supervision of Dr Helmers. We all sang ‘happy birthday’ with a cake lit up by five candles for five centuries of Shakespeare’s influence on English language and literature. Everyone enjoyed a piece of the cake.

To eat or not to eat … that was the question. There were also many balloons floating in the English classroom. Perchance, many a morning will they there be seen …

A vanilla cake with chocolate writing that says "Happy Birthday Shakespeare!" for William Shakespeare’s 460th birthday

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