To Your Pens! Young Author Visits Grades 6-7 Writing Classes

10 girls in white blouses sitting on the floor reading

On May 24th, Hawthorn was privileged to host young author and former Hawthorn student Angela Weusten as guest speaker in our Grades 6 and 7 writing classes.

Talking about her recently published debut novel, Ten in Two, Angela related her journey in fiction writing and shared literary inspiration with our young women of letters, gladly answering the students’ questions along the way.

About to graduate from high school this spring, Angela provided an incredible example of the power of faith in pursuing one’s dreams and in making possible the seemingly impossible. Ten in Two is the fruit of her perseverance and unique imagination, a marvellous story combining suspense, tragedy, romance, and comedy.

Congratulations, Angela, on the launch of your first novel, and many thanks for being a truly motivating example of creative writing for our students!

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