US Assembly Presentation: How Do We Share Resources?

Two female students standing in front of a tv screen doing a presentation

Thanks and admiration go out to Hawthorn Gr. 12 economics students Adriana Alfaro-Artiga and Emilia Toth for their thought-provoking presentation at an Upper School spring assembly.

They brought our attention to the 19th century theory of The Tragedy of the Commons, a situation where individuals with access to shared resources act in their own self-interest and overuse them to the disadvantage of others, ultimately depleting these resources. How does this dynamic lead to such problems as exploiting our natural resources in oceans and forests, encouraging overproduction of clothing, polluting our air, and contributing to the loss of biodiversity?

With practical tips and suggestions, Adriana and Emilia emphasized the importance of the part each of us plays in prioritizing environmental sustainability and earth-friendly practices in our everyday lives. Our planet is counting on us!

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