Student Contributions: Book Review

Student Contributions: Book Review

The Story of the von Trapp Family Singers
By LG, grade 6

The Story of the Trapp Family Singers is a book I finished recently with my class. It is the true story which inspired the movie The Sound of Music. If ten oranges was my rating system for my favourite book, I would give this book nine oranges. It took my teacher several months to read it daily to us, but in my opinion it was worth it! The main character’s name is Maria Augusta von Trapp, and she is the matriarch of the family and the author of the book.

If you have watched The Sound of Music, you would have seen that the von Trapp family had to face numerous hardships. In spite of these hardships, Maria always found the following Latin adage helpful: “Nec aspera terrent” – “Let nothing difficult frighten thee!” The adage demonstrates that she had resilience, which is what I actually admired the most in her story. Maria’s capacity to bounce back reveals itself in every difficult moment in her life. But I also believe she possessed the virtues of faith and perseverance. Along with her family of ten children and her husband Georg von Trapp, she never gave up when they lost their home in Austria. They even built a new home on a farm in Stowe, Vermont a few years after arriving in the United States. She showed her face by always trying her best and letting God handle the rest.

Two of the many virtues she possessed are the same virtues I tried to obtain when a challenge arose at the beginning of my school year. I had the opportunity to represent my school along with a team in several cross country meets and I decided to compete. In my first meet I ran two kilometers, and I came in the twenty-seventh ranking. I wanted to come in the top ten, so I was a little disappointed, but like Maria I tried to have resilience and bounced back from my disappointment. So I asked my father to train with me and to run two and a half kilometers every day, and he agreed that he would! Then I practiced every day until the next cross country meet.

In the second meet before the race, I asked my classmate, who had come in second place in the first meet, what she thought I could do to come in the top ten. Her advice was, “The technique I use is I stick to my friend who always comes in first place. So I will probably come in the top ten. If you stick with me or you can see me, you will probably come in the top ten.” This reminded me of how Maria asked for help when she headed to the United States. She asked for help because she did not know how to speak English. Because I practiced every day with my father and followed my classmate’s advice, I ended up in tenth place! Both times, in Maria’s story and in my cross country meet, resilience and perseverance are the virtues that helped Maria and me to achieve our goals.

So as you have probably already discovered, I love The Story of the Trapp Family Singers! I highly recommend you read it because some of the hardships in Maria’s life might relate to some of your hardships. Have you ever lost someone very close to you? Have you ever been afraid of trying something new? Have you ever been frustrated when you were trying to speak a new language when moving to or visiting a foreign country? Think of how Maria felt! She experienced all of this! What other hardships besides the ones I have already mentioned do you think the von Trapp family had?

If you want to find out, I recommend reading The Story of the Trapp Family Singers!


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