Educating the whole person is part of Hawthorn’s philosophy of education. Extra-curricular sports provide opportunities for students to develop their physical capacities, as well as providing balance to the rigor of academics and an arena for character development. School teams compete in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA) and comply with the CISAA Constitution and Sport Guidelines.

Objectives of Hawthorn’s Extra-curricular sports program:

  • Acknowledge the importance of participation in extra-curricular sports as part of the development of the whole person and to provide students with the opportunity to experience this participation.
  • Provide opportunities for participants and spectators to develop in character through good sportsmanship and through school spirit.
  • Provide a program where students may develop their knowledge and understanding of a sport, improve their technical skills and pursue excellence in that area while maintaining an acceptable standard in other key areas of life.


Fall U14 Cross-Country

Grades 4-8

Fall Senior Basketball

Grades 8-12

Winter U13 Volleyball

Grades 5-7

Winter Senior Volleyball

Grades 8-12

Spring U14 Track and Field

Grades 4-7

Spring U14 Badminton

Grades 5-8

Spring Senior Track and Field

Grades 8-12

Spring Senior Badminton

Grades 8-12

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