The Alley Cat: PURRfect or CATastrophic

The Alley Cat: PURRfect or CATastrophic

On August 17, 2019 the Alley Cat Cafe opened in Stratford, Ontario. This small cafe offers a light menu of breakfast and soup/sandwiches but that is not the main attraction. By paying an extra fee of ($4.50) you can spend 30 minutes with some of the most loving cats you will ever meet. 

Should you decide to go to this restaurant, it is worth keeping in mind that it is a cafe that is not primarily concerned with the food, but rather it is the unique experience of playing with cats after your meal, that sets them apart from other restaurants.

Unfortunately, the food is a bit overpriced especially given the limited selection, although it is as unique as the cat experience. Despite that, the sandwiches do taste quite good (although very poorly constructed). Some of the other items on their menu include the chicken club sandwich, chili, waffles, grilled cheese, a BLT, and a few other options.

The ambiance in the cat cafe is modern, and of course plays on the theme of cats. You can even buy some of the merchandise they sell in order to remember the fun you had at this cafe. Although in the opinion of the author,  the merchandise is overpriced, substandard quality, and pretty much useless..

But really, the most important aspect of this cafe is the adorable cats. After you pay a small fee to enter “ The Kitty Lounge”, you can pet and  hang out with all the adorable cats that walk around. They are truly the best part of the experience within the cafe.

On a scale from catastrophic to purrfect, I would give the alley cat a “they are not kitten around”.

By Radhika Banerjea


Cat Cafe 1
Hanging out in the Cat Cafe

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