The Hawthorn Student

7 high school students from Hawthorn School in navy blue hoodies smiling in line at the reception desk.

Of course, Hawthorn students shine in their unique, individual ways and they bring their incomparable, gifted selves to our school each and every day in the spirit of learning and growing. Thank goodness! But over the course of the months and years that we spend together, a portrait of what makes our students stand out from the crowd is drawn, and we can begin to see the outline of how the characteristics, values, virtues, attitudes, and actions that we foster in our school come together to form exceptional young women who have some beautiful traits in common.

As a guest, walk into a classroom and be prepared for the students to stand and welcome you. Watch as students walk with poise, attention, and rightful pride across a stage. Overhear the quiet, genuine comfort that a classmate offers a worried friend after an exam. Introduce yourself to a student and be greeted with a firm handshake, a steady gaze, and a warm welcome. Notice the flowers that students have given to their mother, or how a young girl takes the arm of a grandfather to lead him to her concert.

From our youngest students to our graduates, Hawthorn staff and faculty embrace the mission of forming young women to be aware, kind, truth-loving people who make the world a better place. Come and see for yourself. We think you’ll find that the Hawthorn difference is worth the visit, and worth the stay.  

5 Hawthorn School students playing the violin for the Spring Concert
a Hawthorn family celebrating Grandparents Day