Welcome to the first Veritas issue of the 2019-2020 school year and the first digital edition ever!

Veritas has undergone a lot of exciting updates recently and as we work with this new format there will likely be more changes in the coming months. In addition, we look forward to bringing you more regular issues and new forms of content.

Over the last few weeks Veritas Staff have worked hard to bring you a diverse collection of articles. With everything from Fall Fun, to basketball reports, and polls on Shakespearean plays, this issue is packed full with the students’ favourite topics.

We encourage you to give us feedback in person or via e-mail (hsg.veritas@gmail.com).That said, if you have any creative writing pieces you would like to be published, feel free to send them to the same address mentioned above for consideration.

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Spot the 10 differences between the pictures below. Answers will be revealed in the next issue.

Please note: All views expressed in Veritas articles are those of the writer and do not in anyway reflect the position of Hawthorn School.

Overheard at Hawthorn

From time to time in the hallways and classrooms of Hawthorn you overhear the most interesting comments. Sometimes they make you laugh out loud, sometime they make you shake your head, and sometimes they just leave you feeling very confused. Here are some of the best.

“We’re all gonna die in 8 years what’s the point.”



“I judge, but I don’t question.”



Person 1: “Okay so what do you think dignity is?”

Person 2: “It’s…a feeling of responsibility”

Person 1: “Uh no, that’s responsibility…”


“Just wait for everything to burn, then the heat will kick in.”

-overheard in the chemistry lab


“Welcome back useless beings.”

-overheard in philosophy class


Person 1: “Doesn’t that make sense?”
Person 2: “What?”

Person 1: “If it’s two then it’s three.”
Person 2: “…”

-overheard in functions class


“It’s hard to look tall at Costco because there are such high shelves.”



Person 1: “I’m from the middle east.”

Person 2: “Hey, me too. But we don’t look related.”

Person 1: “Ya, ‘cause we’re not.”


Person 1: “What even is Thanos?”

Person 2: “A really buff Grape.”


“Isn’t life just a big Lewis Diagram. We’re just constantly surrounded by dots that bother us.”