Thanks to an education that promotes both academic excellence and character formation, Hawthorn girls face the world with creative tenacity, intellectual brilliance, and an uncommon spirit of service to others.

A Hawthorn graduate is a confident, compassionate woman whose integrity and wisdom have a positive impact on the world around her. Not only do Hawthorn grads have choice—of scholarships, universities, and volunteer, travel and career opportunities—they have an education of the mind and heart that guides them to choose wisely.

At Hawthorn, we are rightly proud of our wonderful alumnae. They benefit from a 100% acceptance rate at universities all over Canada and the world, to study in the fields of their choice, from Economics to English, from Medicine to Music, from Architecture to World Development, and everything in between. Whatever their path, they are well-prepared to make a positive difference in the world, according to their unique talents and aspirations. We invite you to meet some of them in the short biographies below. We think you’ll like who you meet!


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Meet our Alumnae

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