All amounts are in Canadian dollars (CAD). Please review the application page for deadlines.

Fees Breakdown

  • Application Fee
  • Tuition Fee
  • Day Care Fee (if applicable)
  • Registration Fee
  • Additional Fees

Application Fee*

Domestic - $100

International - $130


Tuition Fee


The domestic rate is charged to students who are specifically exempted from the international student charge. It includes tuition and activity fees.

  • Junior School - $16,400
  • Lower School - $19,300
  • Upper School - $20,700


The international rate is charged to students who are not exempted or who are unable to provide documentary proof of exempted status to Hawthorn’s Admission Office. It includes tuition, activity, and administration fees.

  • Junior School - $20,800
  • Lower School - $23,200
  • Upper School - $27,200

International Administration Fee - $3,000

Upon acceptance, a one-time non-refundable Administration Fee of three thousand ($3,000) per family is required.

Day Care Fee

  • 3 Days - $10,900
  • 4 Days - $14,000
  • 5 Days - $16,550

Registration Fee*


Upon acceptance, a one-time non-refundable Registration Fee of four thousand ($4,000) per family is required.

Students will not be considered registered until the registration fee is paid in full.

*The registration fee is discounted if:

  • Student transfers from a filial school, one that shares the same mission, vision, and philosophy as determined by admissions.
  • Student pays international fee
  • Student has attended Hawthorn Day Care for at least a year (i.e. 12 months)
  • Student is a boy attending Hawthorn Junior School

Additional Fees

Textbooks, uniforms, conferences, and some tutoring and trips are not included in the Tuition Fee. These will be invoiced to you by the school, as they occur.

After School Supervision

After school supervision is automatic from 3:30 pm onwards, for students in junior kindergarten to grade seven, who are not picked up by their parents/guardians. Time is set aside for structured activities, such as homework, play, and/or provision of a snack. This supervision is free from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm. However, a fee will be applied automatically for each half-hour between 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Instead of being charged per half-hour between 4:00 to 6:00pm, you are welcome to sign up for a fixed monthly payment; a sign-up form is required for each academic year. From 6:00 pm onward, a higher fee will be applied automatically.

After School Programs

After School Programs are also offered and prices vary; please refer to program promotional materials throughout the year.


Homestay can be arranged by Hawthorn for our international students at $1,000 per month per student.


Family Discount

For families paying domestic fees, 5% discount to families with 2 children and 10% discount to families with 3 or more children on the school fee. If Tuition Assistance is granted, the discount will form part of the awarded amount.


At Hawthorn School, one of the criteria for a student’s acceptance is the readiness of parents to assist in the school’s development through their financial support of fundraising initiatives.

Financial support for the Hawthorn School is essential to cover operating costs and to provide for the future growth of the school. All parents are expected to contribute to an annual donation in keeping with their means.

Voluntary gifts are also welcome. Charitable tax receipts are issued for all eligible donations for the taxation year that it is donated.

An option for supporting the school includes volunteering and promoting the school.

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Tuition Assistance

Limited bursaries are available based on financial need. A separate application is required, done through FAST. Please contact Admissions for more information.

If any tuition assistance is granted, all other discounts will not apply.

Payment Methods

Cheques payable to Hawthorn School for Girls (preferred)

Pre-authorized Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Pre-authorized Credit Card (additional fees apply)

Wire Transfer (additional fees apply)

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