Enriching Resources for Parents and Students

In the spirit of the proverb ‘it takes a community to raise a child‘, we are happy to provide a series of supplementary resources to support the education of our students. We invite you to look over the articles, videos, and recordings listed below to find recent studies, helpful advice, and positive practices that promote nurturing parenting and passing on the skills, routines, and values that young students need to become successful, healthy, competent members of society. Explore the links at your leisure, reflect on how they might apply to your school and home life, and feel welcome to chat with us about your thoughts about this most important of our mutual vocations: raising strong, compassionate, talented young women in today’s world.

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The Girls' School Advantage

To help remind families how a girls’ school will engage, challenge, inspire, and prepare their daughter, here is a list of resources in support of attending an all-girls’ school like Hawthorn.

Why Girls’ Schools Are More Relevant Than Ever 

What is the One Overlooked Advantage of All-Girls Schools?

Why (and how) girls thrive in girls-only schools

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Classical Liberal Arts Education

The classical liberal arts education that Hawthorn School provides studies the great sweep of Western Civilization that has shaped our world and our thinking and which forms the foundation upon which our civilization is built. By studying classic works, we can learn about our history, our culture, and ourselves, developing a better understanding of who we are and what we believe in, and we can gain the knowledge and skills that we need to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

What is Classical Education?

What is the Goal of a Classical Liberal Arts Education in the Modern World?

What is Classical Education? by Martin Cothran (video)

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As parents, you are an integral part of your child’s education, and Hawthorn welcomes your involvement in our learning community. Together, we can foster a love of learning in our students, and can build innovative solutions and open communication between parents and teachers.

“Working on Trust”: On Family & Parenting

Strong Fathers Raise Confident Daughters

Messy Family Podcast: Catholic Conversations on Marriage and Family

The Parent-Teacher Project Podcast 

Lifeline: The Religious Upbringing of Your Children – James B. Stenson

Parenting for Character: Equipping Your Child for Life – Andrew Mullins

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know – Meg Meeker, M.D.

The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness

How Can Parents Promote Student Well-Being?

How Parental Involvement in Education Helps Children in School

Parenting for Academic Success

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Reading Lists

Summer’s here – hip, hip, hurray! Time to rest, restore, and recharge is essential to a healthy, balanced, happy life, and that is exactly what we wish for each of our students. Time to choose and enjoy what we read is an important part of these long, luxurious months, and by diving into good reads that appeal to one’s interests and dreams, students can explore, expand, and strengthen their reading skills, avoid the ‘summer slide’, and broaden their understanding of the infinitely fascinating human experience – even while swinging in a hammock!
For inspiration, here are some great summer reading lists for you to peruse. They include titles for all students, from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12. Happy reading to all!  

Finally, regarding summer reading, one of our student’s grandmothers offers this helpful discernment:

“Your parents are blessed to have such resources for education and parenting. The book lists are all good books but parents should be advised that they need to know the reading ability and maturity of understanding of their child. Book lists are a tool. Ideally, a parent should read or have some knowledge of the book, language used, and content. For example: Sense and Sensibility – not just an easy romance read for a 12-year-old. The story is a window into moral choices and prudence, learning that feelings are not everything. Perhaps parents can have a summer book club with their children’s friends and pick books from the list. Great way for parents to read too!!!”

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